General information

  • Using “Off days“ is a convenient way to define individual work models for more flexible/part-time employees.
  • All changes made to “Off days“ will affect resource planning (i.e. the employee’s availability on specific days).


  1. Use “Quick search“ or “Extended search“ to filter for the employee
  2. On the contact page, click “Edit“
  3. Click “Edit“ next to the text “Off days“
    => A new page is displayed
  4. Using the “Off days“ chart, check all days on which, by contract, the employee does not work
    1. HINT1: “M“ indicates “morning“, “A“ indicates “afternoon“
    2. HINT2: each checkbox in each line represents 10% of the overall weekly work hours; more individual work models can be customized in the TEAMBOX database – please contact your support for more information
  5. At “Valid from“ set the start date for this work model – these dates can be set to be past, present or future
  6. At the bottom of the page, click “Add“
    => the contact details edit page is displayed, the off days are now displayed
  7. At the bottom of the contact details edit page, click “Save“
    => the off days have now been saved and any changes are recorded in “Off days“ > “History“ (“W“ = whole day; “M“ = morning; “A“ = afternoon)