General information

  • All details (i.e. all positions, subheadings and subtotals) *) can be displayed/printed
  • If subheadings and subtotals have been already added when creating an estimate, the option “Add Subtitle and Total” should not be used

Using the keyword “Collective invoice” (supplementary feature) in a PDF

  • Specific details related to a position can be explicitly omitted by using the chargeable keyword “Collective invoice”
  • Consequently, only subheadings and subtotals are printed
  • The individual positions themselves, however, are not printed
  • If you’re interested in adding this feature, then please contact

*) The option “Add Subtitle and Total” is only available if layout positions (i.e. “Subheading”, “Inserted Text”, “Subtotal”, “Page Break”, “Break / Balance”) are activated in your TEAMBOX.