General information

The following settings affect all areas with “Services” and “Rates”, e.g. “Estimates” & “Time Tracking”. You can see everything in “Jobs” > “Job management” > “Rates” => Rate name, cost, price,


  1. Go to “Admin” > “Services admin” > “Cost types”
  2. At the end of the list, click the green ‘plus’ icon
  3. Enter the name of the cost type (e.g. “Project management”, “Print”, “Media”, etc.)
  4. (optional) At “Function”, you can/should link a specific process with that cost type, depending on which function should automatically be linked to a specific cost type:
    1. e.g. cost type “Project Management” + function “Discount” => “Project Management” would always be linked with a discount
    2. e.g. cost type “Staff Expense” => should always be linked to function “Staff expense”
  5. Click the green ‘check’ icon to save your changes
  6. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Save’
    => The new cost type has been created.