General info

  • Card and CalDAV synchronisation on Android is only supported via third-party apps – none of these (as far as we’re aware) are free of charge. Thus, we recommend using the app “DAVdroid”.



  1. Open “DAVdroid” on your Android phone
  2. Add a new account by tapping the “+” button
  3. Choose “Login with URL and user name”
  4. Enter your TEAMBOX URL ending in “/dav” (e.g. “”) and your TEAMBOX credentials
  5. Tap the button “Login”
  6. The entered configuration details are being evaluated
  7. Add your email account
    Android expects the account name to match the associated email address so that calendar invites can be matched
  8. Tap your newly created email account
  9. All available calendars are being listed and can be subscribed to
  10. Clicking the cog wheel icon will display advanced options (e.g. for defining the synchronisation interval, such as a 4-hour interval (default value))
    => CalDAV has been successfully configured.
    => From now on, all TEAMBOX events will be displayed on your Android phone and can now be edited, deleted or newly created