General information

In “General settings”, you can set the following three “Billing types”:

Client only receives agency invoices
For all services offered by the agency, the client pays all costs directly to the agency and won’t receive any direct third-party invoices.
With this setting, all incoming invoices are created as Out of Pocket (OOP) invoices, financed in advance by the agency and then the client is charged for these as part of the overall agency invoice (disclosed or hidden).

Client pays third party invoices directly
Clients pay all third-party invoices (as proposed in the estimate) themselves. However, the agency receives the contractors’ invoices first to add them as third-party invoices in TEAMBOX in order to ensure coherent records.

Client pays third party invoices via agency
The agency first pays the third-party invoices for the client and then charges the client at a later stage using a payment borderau which will be sent to the client on top of the agency invoice.