• Open “Activities” > “Activity List” and use the search bar to locate the relevant job
  • In the results list, click the green plus icon next to the selected job to create a new activity
  • Provide a name for the activity in the “What” field (mandatory)
  • Select the responsible person from the “Who” drop-down list and define a time span using the calender or writing the dates into “From” and “To”
  • Optionally, you can also add work package details using the small squares on the right
  • Save your changes by hitting ENTER or clicking “Save”
  • Optionally, you can add tasks to your activity by clicking the green plus icon in the extra detail section on the right

HINT1: in “Job Management”, there are different ways of selecting a job from your list of clients:
Click the client’s name and select the tab “Jobs” > “Area” and then the relevant job using your mouse or keyboard.
Alternatively, start entering the name of the job in the green search bar and select the relevant result from the live results.

HINT2: You can also turn an activity into a milestone: double-click the activity to edit it, click the icon and hit enter to save this change