• How to subscribe to the TEAMBOX.calendar and view calendar events in your personal Google Calendar
  • Subscribing = one-way communication between TEAMBOX and Google Calendar, changes can only be performed in TEAMBOX


  1. Select ‘Subscribe’ in ‘Calendar’
  2. Choose the relevant calendars next to ‘My Calendar’ (your events, to dos, holidays, offdays)
  3. Click ‘My Calendar’
    => the subscription link has been generated
  4. Copy the link and open Google Calendar
  5. In Google Calendar, go to ‘More calendars’ > ‘Add via URL
  6. Copy and paste the previously generated link in the field URL
  7. Click ‘Confirm’


  • The link reflects the current TEAMBOX user, which means that you’re subscribing to this user’s events. The combination of letters and numbers at the end of the link make automatic authentification possible.
  • Clicking the event will display all relevant details, such as participant, date, time and date, the detailed description and the direct link to the event.
  • Subscribing to a calendar is a one-way means of communication. You CANNOT edit an event in Google Calendar (this is only possible in TEAMBOX). However, you will find the direct link in the event details which you can copy and paste into you browser to view and edit the event in TEAMBOX.


Subscribing to a team member’s events

  1. To subscribe to a team member’s events, click ‘new calendar subscription’, copy and paste “your“ URL in the Google Calendar field and change the URL (i.e. replace your short name, e.g. “doba“, by your colleague’s short name).
  2. The calendar panel will now display your colleague’s calendar.

Subscribing to ALL employees’ holidays

  1. Simply replace your short name (e.g. “doba“) by “vacation“ and leave the rest of the link as it is.
  2. The calendar panel will now display all employees’ holidays in one calendar.

Subscribing to public holidays

  1. To display TEAMBOX’s public holidays in your calendar, go to TEAMBOX > “Subscribe“ > “Public holidays calendar“ to generate a subscription link.
  2. Then, carry out the previously described steps in Google Calendar. The calendar panel will now display TEAMBOX public holiday calendar.