Using the ‘job selector’

  • Clicking the star icon shows the latest favourites (i.e. the last set of jobs for which services have been recorded)
  • You can use the search via keyboard or mouse
  • Clicking “Client list” will display all available clients
    • Clicking the small arrow to the right of the client name shows all areas created for this client
    • Again, clicking the arrow for one of these areas will display all jobs recorded for this area
    • Clicking one of the now displayed jobs shows the job details within the job overview

Searching within the ‘job selector’

  • Use the search field to directly locate a specific client, area or job
    • Per default, the search covers all available jobs: entering (a part of) a job title or job number will give you a list of all jobs that contain (a part of) the searched term in their titles
    • Clicking “Client list” will change the search to cover all available clients
    • Clicking the arrow to the right of the client name will change the search to cover all available areas

HINT: The background text of the search field always indicates which data is currently being searched for (e.g. “Search (Jobs)”)

Filtering and sorting within the ‘job selector’

  • Click “Client list” and then the small cog wheel icon to the right at the bottom; this will display additional filtering and sorting options
    • Click “active”/“all” to filter for active or all jobs
    • Click “123”/“ABC to sort by number or alphabet
    • Click the arrow in the field “Budget year” and select the relevant items to filter by budget year
    • Clicking the check box “Numbers” will display the client ID (if available)
    • Clicking the check box “Client names” will show the long name in addition to the short name