General information

When you navigate to the TEAMBOX main page (i.e. “cockpit”), you might see several info boxes (i.e. “widgets”) which display core information/functionalities or glimpses into larger data sets for several TEAMBOX modules.

All users can freely reposition their widgets (via drag&drop), resize them (icon: ), display the information in full-screen mode (icon: ) or expand/collapse hidden/displayed information (icon: ).

One or several of the following widgets might be displayed on your start page:

  • Time tracking
  • Leave schedule
  • Attendance
  • My activities (displays your activities which can be completed, i.e. checked, directly in the widget or clicked to take you to the “Activities” module)
  • “News” (from “News” module)
  • “Anniversaries” (all upcoming employee anniversaries, gathered from the employees’ start dates; click a name to see contact details)
  • “Birthdays” (all upcoming birthdays for all contacts in “Addresses”; click their names to see contact details)
  • “Notes” (a user’s personal, individual notepad)
  • “Facebook” (configured during TEAMBOX initiation phase)
  • “Client status” (a “Controlling” query, configured by Intevo)
  • “Work entry control” (work control widget; visible to specified user groups only, e.g. CEOs)
  • Custom, agency-wide announcments (displays custom news; accessible to specified user groups only, e.g. CEOs); highlighted in different colours depending on the recency of the news item (i.e. green/“fresh”, yellow/“established news” or white/“old news”)

Some users with advanced permissions may also include/exclude one or more widget(s) on/from their/other users’ cockpit/s (in ‘Admin’ > ‘Permissions’ > ‘Cockpit’).