• In “Jobs”, select a job using the job selector
  • In the upper part of the job overview, job-related information such as “Description” and “Status” (the only two mandatory fields) are displayed as well as optional data such as “Internal person in charge”, “Job description” and more

  • Underneath the “Job information” section you’ll find all relevant TEAMBOX data that is related to this job (such as controlling, time tracking entries, activities, invoices, uploads, etc.)
    • All these individual sections can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the triangle left to the name of the section; for each section, the number in brackets indicates the number of already added/created data/documents for this section
    • Clicking the section title will redirect you to the TEAMBOX module containing the relevant records; clicking “Jobs” in the main navigation bar will redirect you back to the previously displayed job
    • Clicking any of the direct links listed in the individual sections (blue font, underlined on mouseover) opens the related document or data, such as an estimate or an invoice
    • Columns can be hidden/displayed or grouped and rows can be sorted (by clicking the three-line icon which is displayed on mouseover)


  • The section “Controlling” provides a concise overview of any related financial data, tracked time and activities
    • Clicking the graph opens an extra window displaying further details
    • In case of a foreign-currency job (i.e. the currency for this job doesn’t match the agency’s defined currency) the figures are converted to the currency defined for the agency


  • Here you can upload external documents for this job (all formats, such as MS Word or Excel, PDF files and images, …)
    • Easily upload the document via drag & drop or by clicking “Upload file”; multi-select is possible for drag & drop
    • All uploaded documents are displayed in this section and can be downloaded, changed or deleted