General information

  • To assign specific permissions to a role, you first have to create the role in “Admin”
  • HINT: the roles should be created according to a permissions hierarchy (see the respective use case on roles for more information) – this will facilitate permissions administration as the most powerful roles will be displayed in the right-most column, with the least powerful roles in the left-most column.


  1. Go to “Admin” > “Permissions”
  2. Click the “>> select <<” dropdown
    => all activated TEAMBOX modules are displayed
  3. Click the module you want to define permissions for, e.g. “Activities”
    => all the active roles are displayed (horizontally) as well as all permission options (vertically)
  4. Check the boxes according to your permissions structure (e.g. permission “Resource Planning” only checked for specific roles)
    => HINT: blue check marks indicate specifically/manually checked permissions (e.g. “>> all <<”), greyed-out checks indicate that for this role, all permissions have been assigned or that all roles have been assigned these permissions
  5. Once you’re finished assigning permissions, click “Save”
    => The permissions have been assigned to the role(s).