• Existing activities

Changing the data in the Gantt chart

  1. Filter for the information you want to change (e.g. a work package) to display it in the chart
  2. Hover over the bar of your choice and
    1. click and move the beginning or end of the bar to change the start or end date (i.e. extend/shorten the time period)
    2. click and move the middle of the bar to move the bar to different start/end dates (i.e. without changing its duration)
      => the data will be changed accordingly

Filtering, grouping and visualising the data in the gantt chart


  • Generally, filtering options here match the filtering options in “Activity list”
  • Per default, the Gantt chart will display data as previously filtered in “Activity list”


  • You can group the displayed data by “Job name”, “Job number”, “Client”, “WP person in charge”, “WP start date”, “WP end date” or not at all
  • Switching from “Ascending” to “Descending” (or vice versa) will sort the data accordingly


  • “Bar colour” – colour the bars according to
    • “Attribute” => colour according to the specified attributes (see “Admin” documentation)
    • “Person in charge” => colour according to the colours defined for you and your clients to visualize different responsibilities
    • “Date” => colour activities differently based on their due dates to highlight immediate, in-time or overdue dates
    • “Planned h (Avg. Utilization)” => highlight normal/intense workload
  • Date pickers
    • Specify the time frame for which data should be displayed (the chart will be compressed/expanded accordingly)
  • Time intervals
    • Select “Days”, “Weeks” or “Months” to display the data according to these intervals, or choose “Automatic” based on your current data
  • “Visible levels”
    • Select one or more levels to display the data from this level, i.e. “Client”, “Area”, “Job”, “Phase”, “Work package” and “Tasks”
    • Depending on your selection, the activity information will be indented accordingly
  • Column width slider
    • Moving the slider to the left/right will compress/expand the displayed column width accordingly