General information

Using “Offdays” is a convenient way to define individual work models for more flexible/part-time employees.
Any changes made to “Offdays” will affect resource scheduling (i.e. The employee’s availability on specific days).


  • Use the “Quick Search” or “Advanced Search” to filter for an employee
  • Click on “Edit” on the contact page
  • Click on “Edit” next to the text “Work time and offdays”.
  • => A pop-up will be displayed
  • At “valid from” you set the start date for this work model – these dates can be set for the past (only if there is no previous offday scheme stored), the present or the future
  • If you want to delete an existing entry you can simply overwrite it with a new entry with the same date.
  • By activating the checkbox in the Off day column Offdays are marked
  • “M” indicates “morning”, “A” indicates “afternoon”.
  • If you change from “Standard work time” to “Individual work time” in the toggle field on the right, you can enter desired target times for each day as well as morning and afternoon individually yourself
  • Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page
  • => The offdays have now been saved and all changes will be recorded “Offdays” > “History