1. (1) Go to “Finances” > “Controlling” and filter for specific entries by “Budget year”, “Client”, “Area” and “Job”. Now, you can fine-tune which data is displayed in which way.
  2. (2) Choose a pre-defined report from “Report”, change how the data is grouped in “Grouping” or change the currency of the displayed data in “Currency”
    1. Select “show empty rows” to include data for which no entries have been created yet
    2. Select VAT incl.” to display all figures inclusive of VAT
  3. (3) Click to display even more filtering options; clicking will clear your search
  4. (4) The columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order, such as the first column by clicking the icon
    1. Moving your cursor over the column titles will display a icon; clicking this will open a window where you can select more columns either via drag & drop from the left list to the right list, or by double-clicking in combination with drag and drop.
    2. Click “Save” to apply all changes.
  5. (5) Clicking the button PDF or “Excel” at the bottom of the page will export the controlling list as PDF or Excel file