1. Go to “Employees“ > “Staff expense“
  2. At the end of the page, click “New billings“
    => A new window called “Staff expense“ has opened up
  3. Optionally, you may change the issuing “Employee“, “Date“ or “Description“
  4. Click “Save“
    => The new staff expense bill has been created and is listed in the left pane
  5. Highlight your staff expense bill in the list and click the green ‘plus’ icon in the right window pane to add one or more receipts
    => A new window called “Staff expense document“ has opened up
  6. From the list of jobs, search/filter for and add your job
  7. Enter the relevant amount in “Net amount / Gross amount“ and a note in “Comment“
  8. Click the green ‘plus’ icon at “Document > Upload file“ to add your receipt(s)
  9. HINT: Optionally, if you click the checkbox “Billable“, this staff expense bill can be passed on to the client as an invoice at a later stage
    1. HINT: If you click the ‘plus’ icon before saving, you may add more receipts and link them to the same as well as differing jobs
  10. Click “Save“
    => The staff expense bill has been added and is displayed with its status set to “in progress“ in the list of staff expenses
  11. Double-click your staff expense bill and click “Confirm+PDF“ to publish
    => Your staff expense bill has been approved and published as a PDF (for printing and signing); the status has changed to “internally confirmed“
    => If you browse the job that these staff expenses have been linked to, they will show up in “Jobs“ > “Job management“ > “Staff expense“; likewise, if you create a new “Agency invoice“ for this job, the staff expenses can now be billed via the >>Special function<<

HINT: If you or another employee with the suitable permissions (e.g. Finance department) double-click(s) this staff expense bill again, you/they can click “Finalized“ to officially approve this staff expense bill; after doing so, it will not be displayed in this list any more unless you specifically filter for “Status“ “Finalized“