1. Enter a name (e.g. last name) in the “Address search” (no 1)
    => You are taken to the contact details page (for any matching contact) or to “Addresses” > “Quick search” (when there are no matches)
  2. Click the question mark icon (no 2)
    => The TEAMBOX documentation (German) is displayed
  3. Click the “Messages” icon (no 3)
    => The Messages module is opened
  4. Click the cog icons (no 4)
    1. Click *“Personal settings”
      1. Click Job links. Here you can select which actions should be available in the context menu in Job overview, Controlling, Address data of the client.
      2. Password: Here your own password can be changed anytime and as often as you like. For this, the old and the new password must be entered. Only strong passwords can be assigned. The check is carried out using a recognized algorithm.
      3. Confidential e-Mail: Here you can enter a confidential e-mail address. Only then, if the password is forgotten, a one-time password can be sent via the login mask.
      4. View: “in the same window” (integrates a module’s features as tabs in the page) or “in separate window” (opens a module’s features/tabs in new, separate windows)
    2. Click “System information”
      => User login details are displayed (e.g. user name, roles, system version, their IP address etc.)
    3. Click “Support request”
      => Opens your mail client to contact TEAMBOX support