General information

“Resource Plan” gives you a concise overview of your staff’s overall workload. For each employee, all their activities are displayed as clickable links to facilitate changing the activities when resource conflicts arise.

The planned workload is displayed and can be changed in “Activities“ > “Activity list“ > selected activity > “planned h“.


  1. Go to “Activities“ > “Resource plan“
    => for each employee, each cell in their corresponding line is coloured according to their workload and project-related time conflicts – the colour coding can be defined in “Admin“
  2. Click the small arrow next to an employee’s name to expand their resource planning details:
    1): a white number on grey background indicates that for this employee an activity has been scheduled for that day despite them being absent
    2): “h“ indicates that this employee has already booked more hours for this activity than originally planned
    3): “A“ indicates that that this person is absent on that day, but that they are part of a planned activity for the day
    4): a coloured bar at the beginning of a line indicates overdue activities

HINT: Use the filter options at the top to change the displayed time frame and staff