1. Use “Quick search“ or “Extended search“ to filter for the contact information you are looking for
  2. At the bottom of the page, click the button “Export“
    => The export configuration is displayed in a new page
  3. At “Character encoding“, select the export format (i.e. recent/older Excel versions or “Standard-CSV UTF-8“)
  4. (optional) At “Mail merge fields“, you can select the “personal salutation“ and/or “Greeting (phrase)“ for that contact in the export file, based on the respective data set for that contact (e.g. “Kind regards“ vs. “Yours sincerely“)
  5. (optional) At “Language“, you can change the default language for the export
  6. At “Reason for the export”, you must enter a reason, which will then be displayed in the change log
  7. At the end of the page, click “Export“
    => The data is exported to a new external file