• “Mailbox” is integrated as a side bar (right-hand side of the window)
  • It comes with detailed filter options (e.g. filter for “Only mails”, “Mails from external contacts”, “Unlinked mails” etc.)
  • The ‘comment’ feature can be used for internal communication (e.g. to exchange to-the-point, content-specific internal information) and for creating and using individual reminders for these specific items.

Adding a new internal comment

  1. Open the mailbox slider
  2. Click on some content (e.g. activity / task)
    => The mail sidebar will display an “Add comment“ input field
  3. Expand the mail sidebar and add an internal comment to the field (e.g. “Call client“)
    1. EITHER: Choose a “Receiver“ from the drop-down
      => The recipient will receive a notification and may also set a reminder to deal with this notification at a later stage
    2. OR: Click the ‘reminder’ icon and choose a time frame
      => The current user will receive the reminder at the chosen point in time
  4. Click the green ‘check’ icon to add the comment

NOTE: A subtle grey tile symbol indicates that a comment exists for this content or that an email has been linked