1. Open “Calendar” / “iCal” on your Mac
  2. In “Calendar”, select “Settings”
  3. Go to “Accounts” and click the “+” icon to create a new account
    => “Add account” pop up is displayed
  4. Choose “Add CalDAV account”
  5. Change the account type to “Manual”
  6. Enter your TEAMBOX server details:
    1. “Username” & “Password”: your TEAMBOX login details
    2. “Server”: your TEAMBOX domain (e.g. “”)
  7. Click “Create” / “Login”
  8. (optional) You might have to grant permanent permissions for this security certificate (click “Yes”)
    => Your CalDAV account has been successfully created

Optional additional settings

  1. “Account information”: change this to define custom synchronization intervals for your calendar
  2. “Server settings”: add your port (only necessary if you’re hosting TEAMBOX on your own servers – please contact your system administrator for more details)