General information

  • “Permissions and password“, as described below will only be displayed if an employee has been successfully added to the system
    HINT: You can find out how the user himself can change his password and set a confidential email address at the end of this article.


  1. Use “Quick search“ or “Extended search“ to filter for the employee
  2. On the contact page, click “Edit“
  3. Click “Edit“ next to the text “Permissions and password“

  4. => a new page is displayed
  5. Next, check one or several roles at “Roles“
    1. HINT: the permissions linked to each role can be (re)defined in “Admin“
  6. Click on the Button “Create one-time password”
  7. A popup window “Create one-time password for …” is shown
    1. You can now enter a “confidential email address” and the one-time password will be sent to this address. Or if a “confidential email address” of the user has already been stored in the TEAMBOX, the one-time password will be send to this address
  8. Click the button “Send one-time password”
  9. If you have made changes to the roles, click on “Save”

Change your own password and set a confidential email address in the TEAMBOX

  • Click on the gear symbol right above in your TEAMBOX
  • Click on Personal Settings
    • Password: Here your own password can be changed anytime and as often as you like. For this, the old and the new password must be entered. Only strong passwords can be assigned. The check is carried out using a recognized algorithm.
    • Confidential email: Here you can enter a confidential e-mail address. Only then, if the password is forgotten, a one-time password can be sent via the login mask.