General information

When creating a new or editing an existing calendar event, you can

  • assign a category to the event
  • book available resources such as meeting rooms or meeting equipment.
    These can be defined in “Admin”.


  1. Go to “Admin” > “Settings” > “Calendar”
  2. At “Calendar categories”, ..
    1. add a new category by clicking the ‘plus’ icon at the end of the list
    2. define a category name and click the green ‘check’ icon to save your changes
    3. define / pick a “Colour”
      => the event will be coloured accordingly in the calendar overview once the category is being assigned to an event
  3. At “Resources”, ..
    1. add a new resource (same procedure as above)
    2. enter the “Description” to facilitate using the resource
      HINT: new resources are automatically set to active; setting “Active” to “no” will keep the resource in the system but make it unavailable for selection (e.g. if a bookable resource is temporarily broken)
  4. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Save’
    => The calendar settings have been applied to the system.