General info

  • Whenever you send an email with the TEAMBOX mail address in blind copy (bcc), these emails are displayed in the TEAMBOX mailbox tool
  • Whenever you browse linked content in TEAMBOX, with “Mailbox“ opened, “Mailbox“ will automatically display any linked mails once a linked entity has been recognized.
  • Per default, “Mailbox“ will be displayed as flexible panel that disappears when clicking the arrow icon on the right side; choose “View docked“ from the “Mailbox“ options to switch to integrated view
  • Clicking lets you choose between “Compact view“ (minimal detail), “Standard view“ (advanced detail) and “Complete view“ (full email contents)
  • Clicking “All mails“ will give you filtering options to view specific emails filtered by category as well as linked and unlinked emails
    • Emails can be linked to clients, areas and jobs, work packages and tasks, cost estimates and invoices
    • Manually linked emails: With “Mailbox“ open, browse e.g. “Activities“ and select the relevant activity; if a suitable email exists, “Mailbox“ will view the link “Link with …“ for this email => click it to link this email with this activity
    • Automatically linked emails: If e.g. a contact is an existing TEAMBOX contact, the system will automatically link this email with this contact. When browsing TEAMBOX, with “Mailbox“ open, the system will automatically display linked emails whenever an existing contact with existing emails has been detected.

HINT: You can also link emails to specific entities by browsing these (e.g. a specific activity) and then clicking “New mail“ in “Mailbox“; this will open your local mail client and add the relevant tags to the email ‘subject’ which, after sending, will result in this email being linked to the selected activity