General information

  • The following settings affect time tracking.



  1. Go to “Admin” > “Services admin” > “Services”
  2. At the end of the list, click the green ‘plus’ icon
  3. Enter the service description (e.g. “Acquisition”, “Consulting”, “Training”, etc.)
  4. At “Cost type”, select (if applicable) the matching cost type
  5. At “Type”, choose ..
    1. “internal” for any type of service that is not connected to external (client) work (e.g. research, administration)
    2. “external” for client-related servies (e.g. “Consulting”, “Training”)
      1. Towards the end of the line, select those departments which should be able to book services for this service type
  6. At “Info”, select “yes” if you want to make entering extra information in time tracking mandatory for this service
  7. Click the green ‘check’ icon to save your changes
    => The new service has been created and can now be selected from the drop-down “Service” in time tracking.