• How to subscribe to the TEAMBOX calendar using your personal Outlook calendar
  • Subscribing to a calendar is a one-way means of communication between TEAMBOX and Outlook


  1. Select ‘Subscribe’ in ‘Calendar’
  2. Choose the relevant calendars next to ‘My Calendar’ (your events, to dos, holidays, offdays)
  3. Click ‘My Calendar’
    => the subscription link has been generated
  4. Open Outlook > ‘Calendars’, click ‘Open calendar’ > ‘From the internet / online calendar’ and copy and paste the previously generated subscription URL
  5. Confirm the subscription in Outlook and click the Button ‘Advanced’ to adjust the calendar name and description in Outlook
  6. To test the new calendar, create a new event in TEAMBOX
    => The event will be displayed in your Outlook calendar


Subscribing to a team member’s events

  1. To subscribe to a team member’s events, click ‘new calendar subscription’, copy and paste “your“ URL in the Outlook field and change the URL (i.e. replace your short name, e.g. “doba“, by your colleague’s short name).
  2. The calendar panel will now display your colleague’s calendar.

Subscribing to ALL employees’ holidays

  1. Simply replace your short name (e.g. “doba“) by “vacation“ and leave the rest of the link as it is.
  2. The calendar panel will now display all employees’ holidays in one calendar.

Subscribing to public holidays

  1. To display TEAMBOX’s public holidays in your calendar, go to TEAMBOX > “Subscribe“ > “Public holidays calendar“ to generate a subscription link.
  2. Then, carry out the previously described steps in iCal (open iCal – new calendar subscription – copy and paste URL – etc.). The calendar panel will now display TEAMBOX public holiday calendar.