General information

  • Prices can be changed in the tab “Rates” for each level (i.e. client, area, job)
  • If specific, agency-global rates are not applicable for a certain client, these can be deactivated (per client)
  • Rates are inherited from the higher onto the subordinate level
  • After choosing a client in the ‘job selector’, the rates for that specific client can be changed in the tab “Rates”
  • In the final column (“L”), a set of letters indicate the level within the hierarchy for which the rate is currently being applied:
    • A = agency level
    • C = client level
    • Ar = area level
    • (no letter) = rate applies to the currently selected level

HINT: During the TEAMBOX initiation phase, the rate and price model is initially defined (i.e. in “Admin” > “Services admin” > “Rates”), but you can adapt this at any time.