1. Create a new appointment in the “Appointment” window and add participants:
    1. either by entering their employee code at “Employees” or
    2. by clicking the departments displayed underneath (you can select and deselect individual colleagues from this department or add the whole department by checking the checkbox)
      HINT: after selecting participants, click “Show availability” to check for availability conflicts
    3. or use the “Invite” field to add participants that might not be part of any department
  2. Next, …
    1. enter their name and select the name from the suggestions or
    2. click the green ‘plus’ icon to add the email address for external participants (confirm by clicking the ‘plus’ again)
  3. At the bottom of the page, click “Save”
    => Participants will receive a notification that the appointment has been created

HINT: optionally, you can enter participants’ names in “External participants” if you want to record their attendance without notifying them