• Depending on your installation, “Attendance” may / may not be displayed here (see first step below)



  1. Navigate to “Time tracking” > “Entry”
    => “Attendance” is displayed at the right side of the page
  2. Define the start time of your work at “Present from” by either entering the time in the field or adjusting the specified time using the arrows next to it
  3. Enter your main break at Break 1 “from” and “until”
  4. Define the end time of your work at “Present until”
    => Based on your selection, the total hours spent on that day are displayed at the bottom of the fields
    HINT: the total might be displayed in red if you haven’t specified a (required) break, worked too many hours than legally covered or based on other issues concerning work legislation; in this case, the system will specify the issue at the bottom of the page (e.g. “The legally required minimum break has not been taken.”)


HINT: see also: first steps: work time records

  1. In the middle section of the page (i.e. “Time tracking”), track your time entries by
    1. defining the type of work that was carried out in the upper-most drop-down field (e.g. internal meeting, acquisition, ..)
    2. linking the entry to an existing job (if applicable)
    3. adding more details on your work at “Information”
    4. and tracking the time either manually or using the stopwatch feature
  2. Save all data by clicking the green ‘check’ icon
    => All entered data is displayed in “Entered time entries” (displayed towards the bottom of the page)