General information

  • PLEASE NOTE: a newly installed TEAMBOX does not display any tags in “Tags“ as these are individual per client and should be custom defined by you/your adminstrator(s).


  1. Use “Quick search“ or “Extended search“ to filter for the contact
  2. Use the menu bar to navigate to “Tags“
    => a new page is displayed showing public tags (left) and private tags (right)
    1. HINT: public tags are visible to all users, private tags only to the user who created/assigned the tag
  3. Click ..
    1. „New category“ to create a new public tag OR
    2. the green ‘plus’ icon in „My tags“ to create a new category for a private tag
      => „New category“ is displayed at the end of the tag list
  4. Click the new category to edit it
  5. Enter a new name for the category and confirm the changes by clicking the green ‘check’ icon
  6. (optional) drag & drop the new category to a different position in the list
  7. Expand the category details by clicking the arrow next to the category name
    => a green ‘plus’ icon is displayed
  8. Click the green ‘plus’ icon
    => „New tag“ is displayed
  9. Change the tag details (i.e. repeat the „New category“ steps above) and repeat until all desired all tags have been added
    => the created tags can now be used in contact details > „Tags“

  1. HINT1: each tag and category can be edited by double clicking or clicking on the pencil icon

  1. HINT2: when editing tag details, click the ‘circle’ icon to deactivate a tag => it will not be displayed in the system any more until it is reactivated