• TEAMBOX enables you to sync your agency calendar with other calendars.
  • Unfortunately, different kinds of hard- and software operate differently, which is why intevo.websolutions has come up with the most flexible solution.
  • Syncing is optimized or, whenever not possible, users can at least subscribe to the agency calendar to remain up-to-date.

(a) SUBSCRIBING to a calendar (one-way TEAMBOX > device)

Per definition, subscribing is a one-way means of communication. Calendar events CANNOT be edited on the device – this is only possible in TEAMBOX.

Subscribing is possible for:

  • your own calendar events, (public) holidays and off-days
  • all other TEAMBOX users’ (public) holiday calendars
  • one other user’s (public) holidays
  • TEAMBOX custom holidays
  • Editing information is only possible within TEAMBOX
  • Suitable software: iCal/Calendar, GoogleCalendar, Outlook

(b) SYNCING calendars (two-way TEAMBOX <=> device)

Syncing is possible for:

  • Syncing your own calendar events, (public) holidays and off-days via CalDAV interface
  • Any event added to TEAMBOX will be automatically synced on this device and vice versa
  • Optional feature (subject to a fee) that needs to be purchased and activated
  • Suitable software: iCal/Calendar

Subscription details

  • Events created on the device will NOT be synced with TEAMBOX
  • Events contain direct links – copy and paste the URL into your browser to edit the event
  • Once you sync your calendar (e.g. Outlook) with a smartphone (such as Blackberry, Palm, etc.), you will have access to your TEAMBOX events from this device (one-way only)
  • Events, holidays and offdays will be available for an unlimited amount of time using your personal calendar (iCal etc.)
  • From Mac OS C 10.7 onwards, subscribing to events (to dos) is not supported by Apple any more