1. Either, …
    1. go to “Addresses“ > “Add person“, specify the employee data and select “Employee“ from the drop down “Status“ OR
    2. go to “Employees“ > “Add employee“ and specify the employee details
  2. At the bottom of the page, click “New“
    => A new page is displayed to (re)define the employee details
  3. Select a value from “Department“ to add the employee to an existing department (group)
  4. Select a value from “Function“ to match the new employee with the correct pricing model and optionally define a custom “Hourly rate“ for this employee
  5. At “Code“, specify the employee code/abbreviation
    1. HINT: this will be displayed throughout the system and also serves as username for logins
  6. At “Start date“, enter the employee’s first official working day
    1. HINT: this will affect the user’s login permissions (date), vacation details (number of available holidays) and your agency’s resource management (i.e. the availability of the employee for jobs)
    2. Likewise, change “Termination“ date to the employee’s last working day to reverse the above mentioned effects when this person leaves the company
  7. At the bottom of the page, click “Save”
    => The new employee has been created